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Rachel Latsko

Hi. I'm an oracular storyteller and intuitive who is alchemizing my gifts through poetry and art.


Art has become a form of initiation for me. I trust Source to let whatever is meant to come through materialize. As time passes, I've come to see certain images were pieces to my soul's puzzle — longing for me to unite them.


One image transforms into a series. A series into a story. For we are vast and contain multitudes, as Walt Whitman said.

I invite you into my journey of self-exploration and healing with me.


Let us be both gentle and resolute — a vessel and a force — feeling deeply into what makes us human, of this earth. Let us remember, reclaim and embody our sacred purpose.

A Little Bit More About Me

I'm a self-taught Creatrix who works in a variety of mediums including pencil, watercolor, ink and graphic design.


I draw inspiration from the esoteric, Anthroposophy, Christian mysticism, the divine feminine and masculine, my Celtic ancestry, past lives and nature. The Earth sings to me and my art is my love letter back to her. 

Something to mention: this whole art thing is both old and new to me.


Since I was a little girl, I was bold and expressive, feeling everything deeply and emotionally. As a teen and into my twenties, I forgot the power in my feeling and expression. I feared my creative power, and I forgot myself. After a dark night of the soul, I lifted the veil.

And now, I meditate and practice my Clair senses. My spirit guides, astral travels and meditations are alchemized onto paper and canvas.


And I share them with you, as my art is meant to be activating, so that you will also connect and remember to live a soul-led life.

resoterica: remembering, reembodying and reimagining the esoteric to lead a soul-led life.

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